The Honor Band 6 Is One Of The Best Budget Fitness Watches On The Market

You’ll barely notice you’re wearing the Band 6 as it weighs only 18 grams, which means it’s very light and comfortable to wear all day which is especially useful to wear in your sleep.

With a soft, silicone band that uses a simple loop buckle the Band 6 is comfortable to wear as well as making it water and sweat resistant and is available in black, grey, and pink.

Navigation is very simple with a left or right swipe bringing up your overall activity, music playing, weather forecast, stress level and heart rate.

A down swipe brings up a quick menu of useful modes like do not disturb, screen on, alarm, settings and my favourite – find my phone.

As long as your Bluetooth is enabled this will then tell your phone to say, “I’m here” and play a tone that helps you find it, as silly as it sounds it’s a Godsend when I’ve put my phone down to do something else or had to hide it from my toddler.

Swiping up will reveal any notifications for your paired device, which is handy if you’re in the gym and don’t want to stop to look at your phone, obviously, you can’t reply to message or open any apps with the band though.
Despite Honor being a separate entity from Huawei, confusingly the Band 6 still uses the Huawei health app, which thankfully is pretty decent.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed in with your Huawei ID you can sync the app. The app then compiles all the data the device has recorded and lets you compare and assess it.

The breakdown of your sleep and the tips for improving sleep habits are incredibly helpful (Image: Honor)
The health app is clean and simple to use, you can also edit the layout of the app adding you use most often and removing tiles you don’t .

There are many downloadable watch faces to choose from within the Health App which gives you some limited customisation options some are more detailed than others, but there’s still a finite amount that can be done with a screen this size.

With plenty of stamina, the band 6 features a 118mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can get you up 14 days use, I got about 9/10 days on one single charge.

The charger is a minimal propriety charger with magnetic pins to hold the band in place while charging.

The recovery on the Band 6 is also far more impressive than my own, with the Band 6 fully charged and ready to go after around 45 minutes.

The Honor Band 6 is chock full of useful fitness apps from your standard step counting and heart rate monitor and weather to more unique features like the blood oxygen monitor.

If you are often sat in one location for a long time the watch will also periodically remind you to get up and move about, which was a nice touch and something I often need a reminder to do, although if you find it annoying you can turn this off.

If like me you’re always wondering why you are tired, the sleep tracker records your sleeping patterns and helps identify issues with getting good sleep.

Heart rate tracking is an essential tool in your fitness arsenal. (Image: Honor)
Huawei’s TruSleep sleep tracking software differentiates between the 4 stages for sleep form deep, light, REM and awake. I found the app was pretty accurate at knowing when I was sleeping and letting me know why despite getting 8 hours you may still feel unrested.

Within the health app, you get a more detailed breakdown of your sleep, including a score rating from 1 to 100 as well as tips to improve your sleeping habits.

The continuous blood oxygen monitoring and SpO2 monitor is also very handy, giving an indication of overall health. It measures the amount of blood oxygen saturation and not to get too scientific higher oxygen levels are better for you.

The stress tracker is nice to have and remarkably interesting to look at spikes during that day. The breathing exercise is a great solution to stress, having you take deep breathes while counting the exhaling and as simple as it sounds it really helps alleviate some tension.

Your blood oxygen level is a measure of how much oxygen your blood cells are carrying and are important if you are having shortness of breath (Image: Honor)
Female Cycle tracker which, while I didn’t get much use out of it. can be very handy being able to see up and coming periods as well as fertility window.

With 10 workout modes including outdoor and indoor running, cycling, swimming and rowing machine, but it can also detect some workouts like walking, running and rowing.

The auto-detect worked pretty well and would kick in during my walks or jogs after a couple of minutes prompting me to specify which activity I was doing.

I was a little disappointed that there was no built-in GPS, but the watch uses your phone’s location data when connected, however, this is standard for this price range.

With 5ATM the Band 6 has some limited water resistance but it should survive being submerged up to 50 meters, I only wore it in the shower and had no issues.

The key features of the Honor Band 6 are its high-quality screen, brilliant battery life and stylish appearance.

The Honor Band 6 is a robust health and fitness tool with lots of features crammed in, while it doesn’t offer anything mind-blowing to stand out from the crowd, but what it does do, it does really well.

Despite this, the huge number of useful features, great app and affordable price and make it a compelling choice and will suit most casual users perfectly.

The Honor Band 6 is out now priced at £44.99

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