Google Drive Now Lets You Block Other Users

Google Drive excels in many things, and convenience is the secret. It’s one thing to save, sync, and edit files yourself, but many of the real advantages of the platform are in collaboration, especially when you take advantage of some of Google’s paid products. For example, Workplace or G Suite Business Edition. However, despite all these powers, Google Drive’s sharing policy has always been very lax, as there are no restrictions or secondary verifications for sharing with others. All you have to do is enter a valid code. Gmail and this resource in the sharing interface will be displayed in the “Shared with me” section of other users. Of course, this can lead to unwanted spam and other objectionable content. The content that can be clicked to delete but still can be clicked sometimes appears elsewhere, for example, B. During the search process. This is not the optimal setting.

Well, in May, Google announced a series of updates called “Providing Advanced Threat Intelligence and Response Capabilities for Google Workspace Users and Administrators.” One of the features is the ability to prevent other users from accessing Google Drive. The giveaway is officially launched, fortunately not only paid Google customers to get it, but also free personal accounts.

To block other users, just right-click on the offensive content posted by that user and click the “Block” option. This will do three things:

Prevent other users from sharing content with you in the future. For example, if other users have a history of spam or offensive content, this may be a useful check.
Delete any existing files and folders shared with other users. This is an easy way to clear all spam or objectionable content of a given user at once.
. Remove other people’s access to your content, even if you have granted them access before.
is great, but please note that blocking a specific Google account in Drive can also be blocked in other Google services in some way. Information on this is a bit scarce, but it is still worth mentioning. However, in the vast majority of cases, it can be assumed that the additional lock level is only beneficial, not a problem.

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