WhatsApp users can see who’s blocked them on Android and iPhone – here’s How

WhatsApp has a few tell-tale signs that help you see if you’ve been blocked by someone on iPhone or Android

WhatsApp has been rolling out some really great new upgrades for both the Android and iPhone versions of the app over the last few months, adding new features and enhancing user privacy.

But one thing that WhatsApp still doesn’t let you do is directly find out if you’ve been blocked by someone else, which can be frustrating if you’re the person being blocked as the blocker can do so silently. This is, so WhatsApp has stated, to protect a user’s privacy.

However, there are ways you can Sherlock Holmes whether you’ve been blocked by a contact on the sly. These tell-tale signs include:

  1. Any of the messages that you send to the contact will always only ever show one tick in the chat window and never two.
  2. Whenever you try to view a contact’s last seen or online status in a chat window nothing is displayed.
  3. If you try to make a call to the contact they never connect.
  4. The contact’s profile picture never changes, even if you can see it has changed on someone else’s handset.

Each of these is a way to deduce whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. If you notice one or more of these things over an elongated period of time then chances are you’ve been blocked, but it isn’t a 100 per cent guarantee you’ve been blocked. This comes back to WhatsApp looking to protect each of its user’s privacy by keeping the blocking as secret as possible.

And, talking of privacy, if you do want to block a contact on WhatsApp on Android or iPhone then it is easy. Here’s how to block someone on both phone platforms.

[On Android]

  1. Click the three dots menu option in the top-right of the app window and then select settings.
  2. Select Account then Privacy and then Blocked contacts.
  3. Select Add, and then pick a contact from your list.

[On iPhone]

  1. Select WhatsApp Settings.
  2. Navigate to Account then Privacy then Blocked.
  3. Select Add New, and then pick a contact from your list.

T3’s takeaway from the current state of WhatsApp blocking on iPhone and Android? It’s a pretty strong balance of protecting user privacy while also letting the blockee know, subtlety, that they could’ve been cut off. We think privacy should always come first though online, and as such it’s nice to see that Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, is taking this seriously in the app.

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